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We have this intense desire inside us, like any other travel enthusiast. We want to set-foot to different places. A dream that we once had when we were young. If you have the same desire as us, then we welcome you to share this journey with us.

We all have daily tasks to complete, work to attend to, and other daily routines that make our life a little tiresome. At some point, we wanted to get out of the hustle and bustle of our work life.

There is this strong yearning for us to get out, have that short moment of freedom, let loose, and just be ourselves for a day. We want to sit back, ease, and just simply enjoy. These are the main reasons why we want to travel. Traveling is a great opportunity for us to let our guards down. The opportunity to take off our work clothes, wear our shorts, put on our shades, and walk barefoot on the sand. Or better yet, get a cold bottle of beer, sit under a tree, play your favorite music, and just let time pass by. Just imagine the great memories you can make. The memories and experiences that no amount of money can buy. This is what makes life even more amazing! Is it not great to make memories with your family or friends? Laughing and reminiscing the past. It is our time to escape, go on a road trip in different countries. Learn a country’s rich culture or just hang out with the locals while listening, and at the same time learning their vibrant lifestyle. This is what we are about. It is our chance to connect with you! The opportunity not to escape our busy lives, but for life not to elude us.

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Do you share the same passion as we do? The life of capturing beautiful memories, be it with your loved ones, your family or just merely reconnecting with yourself. We like to travel, and we want to write the things we learn from the places we visit. We write to share the beautiful sceneries of the world. We write to inspire others. We write because it is our passion. If you find that urge in journaling and like to seize different memoirs, and immortalizing it in a blank paper, then join us. Together we will share our thoughts, feelings, and views to our readers.